Welcome to Kid Life

What is Kid Life?

Kid Life is our version of an interactive Sunday School or Children's Church. Our mission is to encourage Parent & Child spiritual conversations through more than teaching bible verses, but encouraging spirital grwoth even at a young age. Our mission is an important one and will pave the way for a new generation of worshipers. When children are taught to love God at a young age, they will carry God with them as they grow. This spirital foundation will assist them with biblical principals and beliefs as they interact within their community.

Do you follow A Curriculum?

We selected the Orange 252 curriculum to foster an engaging elementry and pre-teen enviornment. This promotes an exciting learning experience by finding new and innovative ways to say, show, and teach timeless Biblical truths unique to each age level.

What about my Children?

We know that whether you have kindergarteners or older children you need a safe place for them to learn and interact. You'll find that Kid Life is a safe and fun place for your children to learn. Our children's leaders are dedicated and focused on your children.

Everything we do each week matters?

We provide adaptable messaging, activities, and an environment that consider the needs of every age group. We give our leaders a step-by-step activity plan that encourages interaction and solidifies a weekly key takeaway.

  • Develop your child’s character with expertise from childhood development leaders, educators, and real parents just like you.
  • Build an everyday faith through fun Bible story videos, memory verses, prayers, and conversation prompts.
  • Establish a lasting connection by making the most of the moments you already spend together at morning time, meal time, drive time, and bedtime.
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Coming soon: February 2022 at home family experience