Welcome to The Life Church

What is our service like?

You will enjoy interactive dynamic worship, prayer and a very practical down to earth yet spiritual message. Our service times are Sunday Morning Worship at 10am and Wednesday night Re-Boot at 6:45pm.

What about my teen?

Shockwave Youth is a fellowship that connects teens to their purpose with God's Word. In a time when so many young adults do not know who they are, God has a plan to show every teen that He has a purpose for their life.

What about my Children?

We know that whether you have infants or older children you need a safe place for them to learn and interact. You'll find that the Reign Forest is a safe and fun place for your children to learn. Our children's leaders are dedicated and focused on your children.

What do I wear?

Some come dressed in a suit and tie or a dress, some come dressed in nice jeans and some come dressed business casual. We want you to feel comfortable while we worship together.

Our Staff

Eldon and Patty Hojem
Michael and Detra Carter
Martin and Beth Thorne