What to Expect

What is our service like?
You will enjoy interactive dynamic worship, prayer and a very practical down to earth yet spiritual message. Our service times are Sunday Morning Worship at 10am and Wednesday night Re-Boot at 6:45pm.

What about my children?
We know that whether you have infants or older children you need a safe place for them to learn and interact. You'll find that the Reign Forest is a safe and fun place for your children to learn. Our children's leaders are dedicated and focused on your children.

What about my teen?
Shockwave Youth is a fellowship that connects teens to their purpose with God's Word. In a time when so many young adults do not know who they are, God has a plan to show every teen that He has a purpose for their life.

What should I wear?
Some come dressed in a suit and tie or a dress, some come dressed in nice jeans and some come dressed business casual. We want you to feel comfortable while we worship together.

How do I get there?
We are located at 3575 N Prow Rd, just off of SR-37 North. We are adjacent to Bloomington North High School.


Building believers, through discipleship, that put Jesus first and live life more abundantly


Loving Jesus;
Transforming Lives


Shockwave Youth

Our shockwave youth is comprised of young people who are 7th through 12th graders. This group meets every Wednesday at 7pm. This night is a time set aside for fellowship and a challenging word from our youth pastors here at The Life Church. Our heart is to draw youth into the presence of God and to show them how to develop and strengthen their personal relationship with God.

The Reign Forest Kids

Like the construction of a house, a healthy spiritual life is built on a solid foundation. Children are impressionable at an early age; however they become less impressionable as they grow older. The Reign Forest is a great place to get a great start for your children. Here they will learn practical life lessons from scripture that will help them the rest of their lives.

Counseling Ministry

River of Life is a Christian prayer and counseling ministry that includes counseling, teaching, and training. It is our belief that healing does not happen by making a broken thing good enough to work. The healing comes as we are delivered from the power of the broken thing so it can no longer rule us. Our pasts are full of "things" that are sometimes very deep. They prevent us from coming into the fullness that God has for us. Contact: jcox@mychurchlife.org

Mega Men

Mega Men is an effective group that enables men to talk about their lives, and discuss the challenges men face around relationships, work, children, their sense of purpose, direction and fulfillment. Mega Men is a safe place men can come and fellowship, with transparency.

Music Ministry

Our music ministry is an evolving worship experience. It blends an eclectic composite of praise and worship genres that points believers to God and touches the hearts of unbelievers.

Roots College Ministry

More than any other season in your life, this is the season where you begin to put down roots. This is a time where you begin to make life decisions; where will I live? What career do I pursue? Do I want to pursue a relationship? What about children? What are my own sets of values that will drive my life? Roots is a ministry that will help guide young people toward those answers.



This class guides you through the essential beliefs of every Christian who grows in their walk with Christ. You'll learn how to begin a relationship with Jesus, how to pray, read the Bible and worship Jesus as well as learn more about water baptism and Holy Spirit baptism.

Jay Elkins


This class introduces you to the history, heritage and vision of The Life Church. Your local church is where you belong and contribute to its growth. When you know where we came from and where we're going, you can engage purposefully in all aspects of your church family, church life and vision. Topics covered in this class are why The Life Church exists, what our core values are, and how you can contribute.

Eldon Hojem


This class introduces you to the discipleship model and vision of The Life Church. It connects you to the kingdom principles of growth, development and reproduction.

James Carter


All members at The Life Church are owners - they work together to serve our church family and others in the community to build the Kingdom of God. There are many opportunities to serve at The Life Church. We'll help you find the best fit by discovering how God combines your unique gifts, personality and purpose.

Scott Elkins


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